Letter to the Editor

Remembering family

Friday, June 14, 2019

Letter to the Editor,

Two brothers, Albert, the oldest, and Russell were raised in Nelson, Mo. Each married girls named Velma. Albert and Velma Mae had a daughter and named her Mary Ann. Russell and Velma B. had two daughters and named them Helen Virginia and Joyce Elaine. Mary Ann got Leukemia and passed away at the age of 3. Velma B. passed away from complications of tuberculosis.

When Helen was 3 and Joyce was 18 months old, they went to live with Albert and Velma Mae. “Biological” is a word that isn’t important to me. Whoever loves you and takes care of you are your parents. We all lived in Nelson, and out of respect for my dad, we called our new dad “Uncle Al” and our new mother “Mom.”

Uncle Al passed away May 5, 1985, and Mom passed away Jan. 21, 1994. They were both 80 years old at the time of their passing. I, Helen, will celebrate my 80th birthday March 10, 2020. I miss my parents, Albert and Velma Bryan, as if it were just yesterday that they passed away. They gave me wonderful childhood memories, and it’s amazing to be able to carry them with you for a lifetime.

Helen Bryan Cornine

Polo, Mo.