4 MHS students receive first Coach Kevin B. Hart Memorial Scholarship

Friday, May 10, 2019
Marshall School District Superintendent Carol Maher presents the “Dr. Carole Maher Future Educator Scholarship” to Rhiannon Bowlen during the Marshall High School Achievement Night on Wednesday, May 8.
Margot Mirabal/Democrat-News

Every year, Marshall High School recognizes students during the annual Achievement Night, and this year it was the class of 2019 who go to be in the spotlight a few weeks before graduation. On Wednesday, May 8, family, friends and students gathered at the high school to celebrate four years of hard work, dedication and growth.

The night opened with Principal Jacob Sirna, who recognized Francisco Camacho for his four years of perfect attendance. Although Camacho was not present at the event, Sirna said he felt confident that he would be at school the next school day.

Four students were the first to ever receive the Coach Kevin B. Hart Memorial Scholarship. After the passing of Hart at the end of 2018, his family decided to honor him, as well as to support MHS students. The four recipients were Keenan Borgman, Jairon Jasper, Lauren McComas and Keyanna Terrill.

The 2018- 2019 MHS outstanding Senior Girl and Boy were Maggie Sherman and Romario Monroy.

The award and scholarship recipients Wednesday evening were as follows:

-Marshall Public Education Foundation: Matthew Huston and Kami Bartholomew.

-Chamber of Commerce: Avery Brooks, and Marcus Barney.

- Marshall Lions Club Scholarship: Grace Diehm and Grant Mach.

- Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Hannah Marshall, Kami Bartholomew, Maggie Sherman and Brenden Medcalf.

- Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary No. 876: Rhiannon Bowlen and Kassidy Heying.

- MFA Foundation Scholarship Program: Hannah Marshall and Maggie Sherman.

- Hal Lowenstein speech/debate scholarship: Rhiannon Bowlen.

- Saline County Cattlemen: Hannah Marshall.

- Class of 1965 Scholarship: Rhiannon Bowlen.

- Fitzgibbon Hospital Scholarship: Kassidy Heying.

- Dr. Carol Maher Future Educator Scholarship: Rhiannon Bowlen.

- Student Council Scholarship: Hannah Marshall.

- Sappington School Fund Scholarship: Lauren McComas and Bailee Varner.

- Mid-Day Optimist Club Scholarship: Rhiannon Bowlen and Maggie Sherman.

- Marshall Public Education Foundation: Jessica Leimkuehler, Kassidy Heying, Lauren McComas, Hannah Marshall and Maggie Sherman.

- Future Teacher Association Scholarship: Rhiannon Bowlen.

- McCarthy Education Scholarship: Lexie Blumhorst, Paige Durham and Gabe Ellefsen.

- Malta Bend American Legion Post No. 558 scholarships: Jaylen Varner received ‘David Blackburn Memorial Scholarship,’ Cooper Davis received ‘Jack Lane Memorial Scholarship,’ Bailee Varner received ‘The Buzzy Gauldin Memorial Scholarship,’ Paige Durham received the ‘Martin A. Kiehl Scholarship.’

- Central Missouri Electric Cooperative: Cooper Davis.

- Class of 1960 Scholarship: Jonathan Lefevers.

- Marshall Rotary Club Scholarship: Lauren McComas.

- The Helen Staub Scholarship: Avery Brooks and Mackenzie Mills.

- Class of 1968 Scholarship: Keenan Borgman and Jordan Staley.

- Martin J. Kugel Memorial Scholarship: Duffin Makings and Maggie Sherman.

- Optimist Club of Marshall: Grace Diehm, Duffin Makings and Maggie Sherman.

- Community Teachers Association Scholarship: Cooper Davis, Kyle Gann, Duffin Makings, Hannah Marshall Nick Newton.

- Chris Conley Memorial Award: Kassidy Heying.

- James Guthrey Memorial Award: Jaylen Varner.

- Ray Mach Memorial Outstanding Athlete Scholarship: Grant Mach.

- MSHSAA Sportsmanship Award: Maggie Sherman and Isaac Young.

- MHS 3 sport Athletic Blanket: Kassidy Heying and Maggie Sherman.

- Academic Wall of Honor: Kami Bartholomew, Mitchel Good, Matthew Huston, Grant Mach, Hannah Marshall, Margaret Sherman, Trinity Stewart, and Alexander Toliver.

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