Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: river traffic

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dear Editor,

What happened to barge traffic on the Missouri River? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the riverfront and watch the Delta Queen or the Mississippi Queen go up or down the river, maybe with proper arrangement get them to stop and people get off for a short visit? Think about the monetary value of that. Men and women aboard dress like Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen. Quite a sight, and economically has an advantage.

Right now there are only two modes of transportation for moving products and goods in Missouri, which are semi-trucks and private haulers. Utilize the towboats on the waterways to haul it for you. They haul bigger loads, cheaper freight, with less destroying risk. No matter how high the water, the boats still move.

It also has an employment advantage. The pay is good, the benefits — you learn a trade. From master pilot to deck hand … There are construction boats, buoy, inspect levee boats — lots of room for advancement. Nothing more exciting than watching a dredge boat work, or a buoy, or pile driving in the river.

The river can be a great economic boost to any community big or small. Let’s get the boats working again.

David Hawley with the steamboat museum in Kansas City wants to move this museum, and Marshall is on the list as one of the prospective targets. That would be great for Marshall.

Besides, when you work on the river, you find out where the best fishing spots are. When you work on the boat you are 30 days on, 30 days off, eight-hour shift aboard the boat. You never touch dry land for 30 days. You’ll get used to it and love it.

Dennis Rogers


retired financial advisor