Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Maintenance and litter

Friday, April 19, 2019

Dear Editor,

A Friday, March 29, article in your newspaper states fences must be left in good repair and maintenance, as well as be structurally “sound.” It stated the pictured fence on the site had not had a complaint since 2014. I was wondering what happens after such a complaint?

Also, the last week of March was a Letter to the Editor that inferred our town has gone somewhat downhill “when it comes to help keeping trash cleaned up …”

I agree with this letter. The writer expressed town businesses with trash on their property. Can we all do better, businesses and private citizens?

The letter also brought up “littering” and fines for this offense. It’d be great if the Democrat-News reported and informed our citizens if indeed there are fines given for throwing litter in public places. There are signs — but who can say if there is follow through?

If we’d all pull together maybe we would not need “town” committees to clean up, and maybe councilmen, as the editor’s letter stated, should be approached. Bless David Kemm for caring so well for “our” town for years. We should continue in his memory and for ourselves for our young people.

Keep Marshall clean and neat! Thanks to the citizens who brought it to our attention.

Carol Wolfe