Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: litter

Thursday, March 28, 2019
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Dear Editor,

It seems like ever since David Kemm has gone to heaven, it seems like the whole town has done down hill when it comes to keeping the trash cleaned up around here. If I wasnít disabled, I would get out and try to do my part. But I canít. The pictures that come with this letter are just behind the stores in the plaza area. Not only does it blow around back there because itís not disposed of properly, itís blowing up into the high school property. It is also blowing into all the ditches surrounding this area.

If youíre driving in your car and you throw something out, itís called littering, and you get a fine. This should happen to all the stores as well. Then maybe they will dispose of the trash properly. They also should be made to clean up behind the stores in the plaza. Then the city council of Marshall needs to start a committee that will head up the process of cleaning up our town and along the highways coming and going from Marshall, instead of worrying about getting another fast food joint here that we really donít need.

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I, as a concerned citizen, look forward to seeing the council getting this done and announce it. But while we wait for a program to be put in place, the stores should be getting the trash cleaned up and themselves put a program in place to do better.

Thank you.

Gale Hardwick,