Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from Jan. 2-Jan. 7, 2019:

Monday, January 14, 2019

Albert & Carol Benedick to Daniel Joseph Benedick, pt. NW ¼ of S28 T50 R20.

Jeffrey O. & Jolene L. Stubblefield to Gayle Ann & Kenneth R. Clause, Lot 104, Roslyn Heights Ad., Marshall.

Howard W. Aldredge to Andrew Gauge Hayob & Jill Rebecca Nobis, pt. SW ¼ of S3 T48 R21.

Cindy K. & Ronald L. Kolkmeyer to Phyllis G. & Trenton W. Thompson, pt. NE ¼ of S18 T52 R20.

Paul Dehn to G. Joan Darling & Susan L. Repp, Lot 5, Blk. 4, Breathitt & Sebree Ad., Marshall.

Kelly Family Trust to CN Wright Properties, LLC, Lots 2 & 3, Blk. 33, Original Town-Marshall.

Larry J. & Shirley A. Gramlich to Georganne DeMoss, Lots 22 & 23, Westport Estates 4th, Marshall.

Jon A. & Mary L. Lane to Stephen T. Fogarty, Lot 12, Park Heights Ad., Sweet Springs.

Georganne DeMoss to Melody & Roger A. Davenport, Lot 3, Blk. 4, Haggins Ad., Marshall.

Francis Joseph & Rebecca L. Eddy to Jacqueline K. Ballew, pt. SE ¼ of S2 T50 R21.

Patricia S. & William Maher to Cassandra E. & David E. Copeland, pt. SE ¼ of S8 T52 R20.

Leland T. King to Brian & Jacquelyn McCorkle, pt. SE ¼ of S28 T50 R21.

Great Circle to Best Life Properties, LLC, pt. SW ¼ of S11 T50 R21.

Donna L. & Richard L. Casey, Deborah J. & John W. Hatfield, Diana F. & Howard J. Krasnow to Donna K. & Tobey S. Weaver, Lots 94 & 95, Park Place-Marshall.

Gregory P. & Karen K. Fouquet to Samantha R. & Timothy R. O’Connell, Lot 7, Blk. 2, Elsea Heights Ad., Marshall.

Doris Whitlock Revocable Trust to Salt Branch Holdings, LLC, pt. SW ¼ & pt. SE ¼ of S4, pt. NE ¼ of S8, pt. NE ¼ & pt. NW ¼ of S9, all in T50 R22.

Johnny L. & Julie Ann Giger to City of Slater, pt. NW ¼ of S12 T51 R20.

Neil L. & Sheryl D. VonHolten to Across the Creek Farm, LLC, pt. SE ¼ of S17 T48 R22.

MGS Investments, LLC to Jason W. Meyer (½ int.), Kyle Anthony Meyer ( ½ int.), Melissa M. & Rhonda Meyer, pt. NW ¼ & pt. SW ¼ of S13 T48 R20.

Jana Lynn Thompson to Jana Lynn Thompson Revocable Trust, land in S3 & pt. SW ¼ of S9, both in T51 R21, pt. SE ¼ of S4, pt. SE ¼ & pt. SW ¼ of S7, pt. NE ¼, pt. SE ¼, & pt. SW ¼ of S8, pt. NE ¼, pt. NW ¼, & pt. SE ¼ of S16, pt. NW ¼ & pt. SW ¼ of S17, pt. NE ¼ of S18, pt. NE ¼ & pt. NW ¼ of S21, all in T52 R21.