Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from Dec. 11-Dec. 17, 2018:

Monday, December 24, 2018

United States of America to Jeanne D. Mikle, pt. SW of S34 T49 R23.

Karen A. & Merle D. Dierking to Joel A. & Marla S. Dierking, pt. NW of S17 T50 R23.

Christopher L. Purdy & Karen Song to Purdy Family Living Trust, pt. NE & pt. SE of S33 T51 R21.

Blaine Murrell McBurney (Life Estate) to Friends of Arrow Rock, all 4 s of S11, pt. NW & pt. SW of S12, all in T49 R20.

Blaine Murrell McBurney (Life Estate) to Murrell Family Trust, all 4 s of S11, pt. NW & pt. SW of S12, all in T49 R20.

William Alley to Linda Sue & Patrick J. Keary, Lots 7 & 8, Southland Park Ad., Marshall.

Steven Charles Buck to Steven C. Buck Revocable Trust, pt. NW of S3 & pt. NE of S4, both in T49 R21.

Swinger Investments, LLC to Wayne Heuman, pt. SE of S16 T50 R21.

Margaret Elaine Garrett to Delmi Berfalia Ramos De Linares & Joel Linares, Lot 25, Pleasant View Heights Ad., Marshall.

Karla M. Bruntzel to Erik Vladimir Moreno Corado & Esther Acevedo De Moreno, Lot 67, Leawood 2nd Ad., Marshall.

Allysen D. Thompson to Dirk Bethel, Lots 4 & 5, Blk. 1, Original Town-Marshall.

Michael I. & Norma Jean Stone to Dawn N. & Joel R. Teter, Lots 8, 9, & 11-19, Blk. 5, Original Town, Grand Pass.

Venita G. Baxter to Venita G. Baxter Trust, pt. NE of S15 T51 R22.

Joshua D. Thompson to Marla J. & Matthew L. Robbins, pt. NE of S13 T49 R21.