Truth of love: Transformed

Friday, November 9, 2018

Sometimes we hurt and do not see God in a situation, but it is important to know that the Lord is with us, he loves us and never leaves us nor forsakes us. God can turn all things to good, but there is a condition with that which is to love God first and foremost. We can be transformed by walking in the love of God no matter what circumstances or life obstacles we encounter.

No one is happy about lifeís sufferings or hardships, but we need to understand that we should not blame God for them. There is a spiritual enemy that wants to kill, steal and destroy our peace and our faith. We also need to understand that we can intercede for others, but we can not control them.

Some think a believerís victorious life means never having a problematic situation, if they have enough faith, but it is actually that we are perfected to holiness by standing in faith as we walk through a problem. A fellow minister has had many blessings, but he also walked through much hardship. His socialite wife left him giving him custody of their daughter because he answered the call to serve the Lord. His wife never returned, but he never spoke against her to his daughter, who he knew suffered for lack of a loving mother. The daughter became a drug addict. It took years for his daughter to come to the Lord. His faithful prayers and love for his daughter never stopped as he continued to serve the Lord, but he never blamed God or made excuses for his daughterís rebellion.

Understanding the reasons behind peopleís wrong choices does not excuse illegal immoral behavior. It is that understanding that gifts us with compassion to pray seeking the Lordís guidance.

God knows all and through prayer and blessing God we are being connected to an intimate knowledge that God is at work within us. It is our love of God that all things can work to good. There is no growth, no change in our development if we do not first love God.

Our goal should be wanting to be holy 24/7, submitting to Godís perfect will for our lives. To live before the Lord with a humble heart knowing it is he in us that does a good thing and it is not within ourselves.

When we open ourselves up to be his willing servants, his conduit so to speak, and show love to others, we are blessing God. Blessing God brings us through our personal crisis so we can eventually comfort others in his name.

Statements of blessing restore Godís favor on others and ourselves as we declare his inherent goodness.

The ultimate blessing that God gives us is the new life and forgiveness that comes through faith in his Son, Yeshua HaíMashiach/Jesus the Messiah. The material blessings we enjoy from day to day are temporary, but the spiritual blessings available to us in Messiah encompass time and eternity, as well as material, immaterial things and all life situations. ď...God is love.Ē (1John4:8) We, by embracing Godís love, blessing God, will be blessed and walking through our problems in faith be transformed to comfort others bringing them to the truth of Godís love.

Blessings and Shalom