Commission hears sales tax report, talks Veterans Day program

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Saline County Commission met Thursday, Nov. 8, where County Treasurer Marty Smith presented the November sales tax report.

“Sales tax for Saline County ... we received $81,165.32,” he said. “That is down over $4,000 from last month, but it is up over $19,000 from the same period last year.”

The Saline County Law Enforcement Tax received $60,874.54, according to Smith. That is down over $3,300 from last month, but it is up over $14,000 from the same period last year.

“Our use tax, we received $32,683.39. That is up over $17,000 from last month, and up over $12,000 from the same period last year,” he said.

The county received $20,151.42 from the Saline County Law Enforcement Sunset Tax in November. That is down over $15,000 from the same period last month, but it is up over $16,000 from the same period last year.

“Our new Economic Development Sales Tax, we started collecting that in October, so we just received our first distribution of that,” Smith reported. “We received $15,341.02.”

In other news, Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner said the Saline County Road and Bridge Department continues to spot-grate roads and cut brush.

“We’ve got two more tubes lined up to be put in here in the next two weeks,” he reported.

During Thursday’s meeting, Saline County Clerk Debbie Russell gave an update on the Nov. 6 election, saying Saline County saw a 56.43 percent voter turn out.

“It was really an exciting day on Tuesday to see the turn out,” she said. “It was just really great to go through ... our county and just look at the different polling places and the activities that we saw there with people coming and going.”

Russell said there were some complications with machines accepting ballots at some of the polling places, due to the markers being used.

“They were pretty well aggressively marked, and it just showed the machine is really sensitive to anything that we consider ambiguous or not normal in character,” she explained. “It would kick them out, which was a good test of the machine. We had to switch to the black (and) blue pens at some precincts. ... Other than that, it was just a really good day.”

Certification for Tuesday’s election will be Friday, Nov. 9, at 1:30 p.m. in the Saline County Clerk’s Office.

The Saline County Courthouse will be closed Monday, Nov. 12, in observance of Veterans Day.

A Veteran’s Day program will be held in the courthouse rotunda at 11 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 12.

“We got a call yesterday from Steve Olson, and Steve said the weather is suppose to be (bad),” Northern Commissioner Richard Clemens said. “We decided those poor little kids that come without any coats, need to be in the courthouse. It worked very well last year, and we’ll have it up on the second floor. ... There will be chairs so the older folks will have a place to sit down. ... I appreciate Malta Bend Post (No. 558) for taking it over this year.”

No further business was conducted Thursday morning. The Saline County Commission will meet again Tuesday, Nov. 13.

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