Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from Oct. 23-Oct. 29, 2018:

Monday, November 5, 2018

John E. Williams to Breeanna & Jeremy L. Behrends, Lot 2, Blk. 21, English Ad., Marshall.

Ollie Lorine Wright to Augustine Gooch, land in Bakers Southeast Ad., Slater.

Tammie Jean Stewart to Gynnah L. Gaudreau & Kelly W. Tyler, Lot 112, Sunrise Hills 3rd Ad., Marshall.

Kenneth Leroy Alexander, III to Richard & Trisha Searles, Lot 11, Blk. 4, Boatright & Gordon Ad., Marshall.

Best Life Properties, LLC to Christina D. & Taylor W. Robinson, Lot 28, West Mar Ad., Marshall.

Makenzie D. Cain to Margie L. & Walter P. Powers, Lots 11 & 12, Blk. 4, Ridgecrest Ad., Marshall.

Brenda & Jorge Gutierrez to Jacqueline A. Linares Montejo, Lot 6, Blk. 2, Hudson Ad., Marshall.

Kathryne L. & Stephen V. Harris to Natisha & Reggie Palmer, Jr., Lot 23, Southland Park Ad., Marshall.

Margie L. & Walter P. Powers to Lester H. & Nellie J. Bailey, Lots 37 & 38, Claiborne Fox Village Ad., Marshall.