Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from Oct. 2-Oct. 5, 2018:

Monday, October 15, 2018

Allen L. Phillips, Jr. & Christina J. Phillips to Sweet Springs Restoration Foundation, Inc., Lots 8 & 9, Berry & Reaves Ad. & Lot 11, Bellamy Ad., all in Sweet Springs.

Saul Sanchez Gonzalez & Maria Sanchez to Cesario Tinoco, Lot 1, East Marshall Ad., Marshall.

LNL Sullivan Properties, LLC to Lindsey & Tanner Dillon, pt. NE ¼ of S30 T51 R19.

Mid MO Homes, LLC to City of Slater, Lots 8 & 9, Blk. 5, Original Town-Slater.

Robert W. & Shelly C. O’Bryan to Dennis Ray Hyde, pt. SE ¼ of S20 & pt. NE ¼ of S29, both in T50 R19.

Jeffrey D. & Mona J. Mikels to Omar Farfan Tapia, Lot 66, Town & Country Estates, Marshall.