Celebrating the joys of what God has provided

Friday, October 12, 2018

As I’ve seen pumpkins and chrysanthemums recently begin to appear around the neighborhood, I am reminded that we are in the middle of harvest time — a time when we celebrate the joys of what God has provided for us. The beauty found in the colors of leaves changing on trees, the lessening of annoying summer bugs, the different slant on the sun that makes the afternoon skies look just a little bit richer in color, and the cool air embracing us in the morning all remind us that change is afoot.

I recently read a sign that talked about this as a season of thanks and of giving. But really, shouldn’t all of life be about offering thanks to God for everything with which we have been blessed. It is so easy to be grateful when all seems to be going well, but what about those times when life is more challenging? Shouldn’t we offer God praise and thanks even in the more difficult times of life?

I have to say, I’ve wrestled with this a lot in the recent past. As difficult decisions loom ahead, I know at least that I pray more and more for guidance and support and the wisdom to see the things for which I can offer thanks and giving. So let us each look around each and every minute of every day with a sense of true gratitude for the good that God daily offers in our lives.