Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from Sept. 18-Sept. 24, 2018:

Monday, October 1, 2018

Donald E. & Martha J. Eckhoff, Kathleen A. Hollembeak, Cheryl E. & Kevin L. Lines to Rosa Elsa Fuentes Amaya & Jose Matias Fuentes, Lots 4 & 5, Blk. 3, Ridgecrest ad., Marshall.

Midwest Property Management, Inc. to Amy J. & Phillip E. Giffen, pt. NE of S16 T50 R21.

Cynthia R. & Larry R. Farris to Misty & Ryan Teel, Blk. 3, Original Town-Marshall.

Wayne F. Heuman to Wayne F. Heuman Revocable Trust, pt. NE of S27 T51 R19.

Lori A. & Tommy D. Zinn to Jacob A. Renzelman & Daelyn L. Silvey, Lot 2, Blk. A, English 2nd Ad., Marshall.

Eidson Experiences, LLC to Charles H. & Lois J. Eidson, pt. NE of S27 T50 R21.

Christina & David Morrow to Ignacio Torres, Lots 6 & 7, Blk. 30, Original Town-Marshall.

Brian Shroyer, LLC to Joseph Shroyer, Lot 34, South Heights Ad., Marshall.

Pro Touch Investments, Inc. to Dustin C. Loges, Lots 3 & 4, Blk. 3, Vers Ad., Marshall.

Gilberto Tapia Becerra & Maria De Jesus Gomez Rodriguez to Saul Sanchez Gonzalez, Lot 1, East Marshall Ad., Marshall. Associated Documents: 2018-0752 & 2018-0834.

Elvin & Deena Underwood Trust to Deena F. Underwood, Lots 5 & 6, Blk. 16, Jonathan Herring Ad., Sweet Springs.

Michael E. Cook to James R. & Jane Ann Weeks, Lot 3, Blk. 3, College Ad., Marshall.

Carl C. & Linda L. Black to Daniel R. & Derrick L. Thomason, pt. SE & pt. NE of S21 T51 R19.