Commission talks absentee ballots, Route BB closure

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

During a Saline County Commission meeting Tuesday, Sept. 25, County Clerk Debbie Russell explained that while today is officially opening day of absentee voting for the November election, the county still has not received ballots yet.

“That was due to the courts holding up the Amendment 1 proposal, whether or not it would or would not be on the ballot,” she said. “We heard late Friday afternoon that it will be on the ballots. ... Our printers were notified, and they’re currently printing and shipping out ballots to several county offices. We don't have them yet, but possibly this afternoon or tomorrow, is what the hope is. For those who are interested in voting, you might want to call first.”

In other news, Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner said the Missouri Department of Transportation has closed Route BB, south of Grand Pass.

“They’re going to close the bridge over Salt Fork,” he said. “There’s going to be a deck replacement. That will be closed until Dec. 1.”

According to MoDOT’s website, all local traffic will be required to find an alternate route.

Marshall-Saline Development Cooperation Executive Director Stan Moore was present during Tuesday’s meeting, where he gave a brief update on the Marshall Junction water project.

“What we’re working on right now, is just to get as much information as we can on this hydraulic analysis and the MoDOT study, so that we can give the community as much information as we can, as to what it looks like next year, so they can start anticipating what their plans are going to be.”

The Saline County Commission will not be in session Thursday, Sept. 27. They will meet again Tuesday, Oct. 2.

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