Photography club opens in Saline County

Thursday, August 16, 2018
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A new club started in May for photography lovers in the Saline County area. Jay Ryan, from Slater, had been going to a photography club in Cole Camp, for about a year and a half, before she decided to create her own.

Many people seemed to be interested but did not feel like making that commute, she said. The Saline County Photography Club had its first meeting May 7, which was both a success and a relief for Ryan.

"I was really excited at our first meeting when we had 10 people come. I was all day thinking 'no one is going to show up'," Ryan said.

The club has already grown since then and now counts 15 members. The club members meet every first Thursday of each month, and meetings are open to anyone who is interested in photography.

Ryan wanted the club to be a place to learn and share with others who have the same interest. No experience is required to join, neither is a camera. Someone who only has a phone but wants to learn is more than welcome to get involved with the club. There is also no age restriction.

"So far the meetings have been about setting the club up. We finished our bylaws last meeting, so we are ready to kind of go on," Ryan said.

Along with the bylaws, the club already has a board with Jay Ryan as president, Laura June Harris as secretary, and Beverly Kitchen as treasurer.

The club is hoping to further people's photography skills at each meeting, either from having a program or set up ways for members to practice different skills, as well as sharing experiences between members.

"I am really excited about the group of people that have been coming, because there are a lot of ideas and a lot of visions in the group," Ryan said.

Each month members get assigned a theme. At the moment, members have been assigned to take pictures of bridges. At each meeting members bring their pictures, which can be in black and white or color. In December, the club will award its members with a first, second and third place. Winners will receive $25, $15 or $10.

There is a member due of $12 for the whole year, but those who are interested in joining before the end of 2018, the due will only be $10.

Meetings are held at the Saline County Sheriff's Department meeting room at 7 p.m., anybody is welcome to come. For more information about the Saline County Photography Club, go to their Facebook page or contact Jay Ryan at

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