Letters tell of Vietnam War experience 50 years ago

Friday, August 10, 2018

June 4, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you all today? I received you letter yesterday with the Concordian enclosed. I enjoy reading the paper very much, but I am still wondering if they will send the entire paper as some of the other fellows get their home town paper wrapped in brown crate paper.

I guess you are really having a lot of rain at home now as I guess it is all over the United States. A friend of mine from Ind. says it has been raining there for about a week also.

How high did the creek get up in the fields at home and on the ranch? At least since it has been raining you have probably had a chance to catch up on a little rest from the spring work.

We left the house by the river and flew to the second base camp where we had once stayed, then we walked several thousand meters and set up in a real mansion that was deserted, they used tile floors and brick walls. That night we bought a couple of live chickens and barbecued them over a fire.

Then some kids brought us some pineapples for $.20, so I bought two. That was the first time I had eaten the fruit off the tree.

We all had a blast that night but the next morning we walked all the way back again and were picked up by choppers and dropped in several rice paddies but finally set up for the night in some kind of a temple. This morning it was my turn to go back to base camp for a day and clean the mortars. This evening I will go out with the supplies again.

I really shouldnít complain because we really donít have it to bad and the mortars go on fewer patrols than the line platoons do. Every night we get hot chow and either cold pop or beer so that always makes the day better.

I got a letter from St. Paulís with four bulletins from April to May. I couldnít figure why I didnít get a letter from you for several days but then I thought about Blackwater so I knew you couldnít get mail out.

Canít think of anything else to write; even though what I say wasnít much. I just wanted to let you know I was okay. Will write again when time permits. Good bye for now.

Love Richard