Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from July 3-July 9, 2018:

Monday, July 16, 2018

Joy D. Dickinson to Leah Reid Rhea, pt. SE of S17 T48 R22.

Best Life Properties, LLC to Gene A., Robin D., & Rose A. Mullins, Lot 2, Oser Heights Ad., Marshall.

Pro Touch Investments, Inc. to Linda Wallis, Lot 8, Blk. 4, Ridgecrest Ad., Marshall.

Eidson Experiences, LLC to Erica V. & Raymond E. Coleman, Lot 44, East Marshall Ad., Marshall.

Sharon K. Johnson to Brian T. Brown, Lot 3, Blk. 2, Sunset Hill Ad., Marshall.

Nellie J. Meyer to Christopher & Rita G. Wolfe, pt. SE of S14 T52 R20.

Dan & Susan Frank to Tina Blackerby, Lot 63, East Marshall Ad., Marshall.

Anita Rose Copeland to Cassandra E. Copeland ( int.), David E. Copeland ( int.), Patricia S. Maher ( int.), & William Maher ( int.), pt. SE of S8 T52 R20.

Adrienne & Wesley Ryan Beumer to Andreas & Krystle Enyart, pt. NE & pt. SE of S12 T50 R21.

Gary & Sandra Allen & Beverly Thomas to Betty L. & Robert L. Vogl, pt. SW of S7 T50 R20.

Angela D. & Robert E. Meineka to Denise M. Balinski, Lots 1 & 2, Blk. 4, Wares Ad., Sweet Springs.