The Board of Public Works gives updates on departments

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Marshall Board of Public Works met for its regular meeting on, Thursday July 10, to touch base on projects and to make a few announcements.

Grant Piper in charge of underground facilities, updated the board on the Missouri Valley College project. Piper said they are working on a water main extension for a new construction on the MVC campus. So far they have been comparing prices between iron pipe and PVC.

Chlorine levels have been challenging in the recent months, according to Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator Kenny Clause. Clause said due to extreme heat and new hydraulics, the chlorine levels have been hard to deal with. Clause and his workers are trying to find a solution, but every time they fix a problem, they have to find a solution for something else.

Administrative Services Director Ken Gieringer is currently preparing the budget for next year. He presented a list of the major projects that the staff submitted for 2018-2019.

Employee Relations Manager Megan Baldridge announced the reorganization of the Electric Production Department. The department asked that employees who are wanting to stay in the company reapply to the position they are interested in, they also offered benefits for voluntary retirement. The reorganization will go into effect starting Sept. 13, and will be seen with the cut of three employees. Baldridge will keep the board informed. She also announced to the board that three employment positions at MMU are now open.

MMU has been working on their safety, and are continuing this month with three scheduled classes of two days each, as well as a two-day class in August.

The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, Aug. 2.

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