Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from June 19-June 25, 2018:

Monday, July 2, 2018

Kennath C. Bowers, Jr. to Sheri & Weldon Smith, Lot 23, Northland Court Ad., Marshall.

Christopher & Rita G. Wolfe to Kevin W. & Maggie D. Mikels, Lots 59-66, Henry Ad., Slater.

Winona L. Orndorff to Hope Mohn & Christopher Shockley, Lots 5 & 6, Blk. 6, Smith Ad., Marshall.

David Meyer to Patrick M. OCampo & Christine H. Russell, Lot 43, Claiborne Fox Village Ad., Marshall. General Notes: Parcel 43B Claiborne Fox Village Marshall.

Robert Gene Record to Daniel E. & William D. Haas, Lots 1 & 2, Blk. 41, Addition by Commons, Marshall.

Jeffery A. Stafford ( ½ int.) & Rebecca L. Stafford to Joyce M. & Neil T. Leimkuehler, pt. SW ¼ & pt. NW ¼ of S28 & pt. NE ¼ of S29, all in T49 R21.

Bonnie & James A. Lawley to Cassie Renee & Mackenzie Lee McDaniel, pt. SE ¼ of S28 T50 R21.

John B. & Tracy L. Cook to David T. Meyer & Erin A. Williams, Lot 1, Blk. A, Allens 1st Ad., Marshall.

Tyler Investments & Rental Properties, LLC to Richard N. & Shirley Schaefer, Lot 5, Blk. 2, Smith Ad., Marshall.

Gregory J. & Traci L. Parsons to Gregory J. & Traci L. Parsons, Lot 105, East Marshall Ad., Marshall & Lot 21, Sunrise Hills Ad., Marshall.

Marvin J. & Mary E. Moss to Mary E. Moss Living Trust, land in S8 T50 R22.

Larry D. & Shelia H. Moore to Jeffrey D. Mikels ( ½ int.), Mona J. Mikels, Robert W. O’Bryan ( ½ int.) & Shelly C. O’Bryan, Lot 3, Blk. 11, Original Town-Slater.

James M. Hazell, Jr. & Kimberly A. Hazell to Albert & Carol Benedick, pt. NW ¼ of S28 T50 R20.

Laura R. Wright to Barbara I. Gibson, Roger D. Gibson, & Jayde I. Meyer, Lot 44, Park Place-Marshall.

Christie Lynn & Justin A. Thompson to Leann E. Sebring, Lots 6, 8 , & 9, Blk. 8, Original Town-Slater.