Foundation provides outlet for giving and more

Monday, July 2, 2018
Contributed image: Jackie Finnegan, foundation coordinator for Fitzgibbon Hospital

Fitzgibbon Hospital’s 28th Annual Pete H. Rea Memorial Golf Tournament will be held July 14 at the Indian Foothills Golf Course. The annual tournament has become one of the area’s best known and anticipated tournaments. The very next weekend, area residents can take advantage of the Marshall Parks and Recreation Day in the park with vendor booths, barbecue contests, entertainment, free entry to the aquatic center, a car show and lots of other fun activities. There is a common thread in these two summer events; the Fitzgibbon Hospital Foundation.

“Area golfers and community members have been supporting our golf tournament for years, and it has really become a huge event that requires many volunteers to help manage all of the moving parts,” said Jackie Finnegan, foundation coordinator. “Three years ago, we saw an opportunity to partner with Marshall Parks and Recreation, and several other community groups, to plan a ‘FUNraiser’ which allows the community to see our foundation as more than just an outlet to give tax-deductible donations.”

In addition to these two highly anticipated annual events, the Fitzgibbon Foundation also holds the annual Fling Gala, as well as Pink Out events that bring awareness about cancer and local treatment options available at the Fitzgibbon Community Cancer Center. The Pink Out activities, conducted locally, have continued to grow with more school, community groups and individuals joining the movement each year.

But events are not the only activities led by the Fitzgibbon Foundation. The foundation also manages the Mission in Motion program to help Fitzgibbon and The Living Center employees when they are struggling, as well as the Helping Hands program, which provides staff the resources needed to make a difference for their patients in more ways than just the typical health care provided. Helping Hands has funded everything from air conditioners for COPD patients in need to bandage supplies and dressings for post-operative care.

A final way that the foundation helps Fitzgibbon Hospital is in providing staff education for all employees and scholarships for nurses. Access to these educational opportunities was a focal point of the 2018 Fling Gala’s Fund-a-Need segment, as well as monies contributed by the Hupp Nursing School Endowment Program. Finnegan is careful to point out that the funds managed and raised by the Fitzgibbon Foundation are separate from the Fitzgibbon Hospital Auxiliary Ambassador funds.

“The Auxiliary Ambassadors fund their own scholarships, continuing education programs and department wish lists based on their own policies. They are a separate organization, however, they are just as important to our mission,” said Finnegan. “The Auxiliary Ambassadors have their own governing board, their own funding sources with the Gift Shop and the Annual Holiday Bazaar, plus several other events throughout the year.”

The Fitzgibbon Hospital Foundation also created a program to encourage employees of the organization to give. Employees for both Fitzgibbon Hospital and The Living Center can choose to have a contribution withheld from their paychecks through payroll deduction to help fund Foundation activities and “give back” to the hospital.

“The Grow Fitzgibbon program was launched because we were hearing from employees who wanted to give, but they could not give large sums of money all at once that they equated with the work of the Foundation. So with the Grow Fitzgibbon program, employees can contribute what they can afford through payroll deduction, directly from their paycheck. We have dedicated individuals who give from $2 to $50 per paycheck. All of the contributions add up to a big impact, especially as time passes and more people are involved,” said Finnegan.

For more information about the Fitzgibbon Foundation, or to inquire about participation in one of the many Foundation activities or sponsorship opportunities, call Jackie Finnegan at extension 660-831-3850 or email at