Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Friday, June 15, 2018

Dear Editor,

Our community will soon welcome CVS Pharmacy, but longtime residents feel nostalgic about the loss of Red Cross Pharmacy retail stores.

For decades, Red Cross was a fixture on the Marshall square. The fountain and cafe was a meeting place for friends. We fondly remember the late Mayor David Hartwig, one of the owners. Many of us hold a special spot in our hearts for all of the Hartwig families. Their remaining business, Red Cross LTC, supplies pharmacy needs for assisted living and nursing homes.

In 2014, the Red Cross management began a “Lids for Kids” program in each of its 14 retail stores. Customers received a token valued at 25 cents with every prescription. When the tokens were turned in to local schools and redeemed, a donation was sent from Red Cross to the school. In the four years of the Lids for Kids program, Saline County public and parochial schools received a total of $64,985. Thank you Red Cross Pharmacy! You will be missed.

Carol M. Raynor,


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