Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from May 1-May 7, 2018:

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hidden Opportunities, LLC to Brian L. & Heather M. Aulgur, Lot 10, Blk. 4, Montague & Franklin Ad., Marshall.

Red Oak Rentals, LLC to Brian L. & Heather M. Aulgur, Lot 42, Henry Ad., Marshall.

James Douglas & Kimberly D. Vogelsmeier to Alton Miller, Lot 25, Gordon Ad., Sweet Springs.

S&E MO Properties, LLC to Monica Garcia & Esteban Tena, Lot 7, Hidden Acres Ad., Marshall

Blaise A. & Shana L. Holzer to Troy Holloway, Lots 12 & 13, Blk. 4, Ridgecrest Ad., Marshall.

Tyler Enterpizes, LLC to Carlos & Gloria Benavidez, Lot 1, Blk. 21, English Ad., Marshall.

Matthew & Pauline M. Sullivan to Alexander Wilson Winning & Claire Marguerite Winning, Lot 16, East Marshall Ad., Marshall. Associated Document: 2018-1012.

Linda L. & Ronald M. Hannon to Barbara Dian Aulgur, Lot 7, Blk. 12, College Ad., Marshall.

Jason G. Wellner to Lisa J. & Terry A. Carter, Lots 29, 30, & 33, William Owens Ad., Sweet Springs.

Kevin & Lisa R. Martin, & Douglas R. Patton to Tevin L. Parker, pt. NE of S15 T52 R20.

Allen R. & Sandra L. Hicks to James M. Hazell, Jr. & Kimberly A. Hazell, pt. NE of S25 T50 R21.

Brandy M. Pousson-Bertrand & Michael Bertrand to Pauline Sullivan, Lot 2, Blk. 12, Hudsons Ad., Marshall.

Charity D. & Jon C. Eidson to Carrie R. & Eric P. Barnett, pt. NE of S22 T50 R21.

Kim C. & Michael T. Malter to Carrie F. & Duane G. Pomerenke, pt. SE of S32 T50 R22.

Best Life Properties, LLC to Nicole D. Ethridge, Lot 1, Ridgeview Ad., Marshall.

Harold D. & Patricia S. Bossaller to Sammy & Wanda Giger Trust, Lot 17, Blk. 10, Original Town-Slater.