Easter every day

Friday, April 20, 2018

Itís been three weeks since Easter and there are signs all around us that we are moving on to other things. The stores have set up displays for graduation celebrations, Motherís Day and Memorial Day. It seems that we often forget Easter is not just a one day celebration; it is really a way of life.

With the coming of Easter, we celebrate the good news that Jesus was raised from the dead and is alive among us.

Because we are distracted by other things, we may not notice the signs of his presence.

In his book, Embracing the Uncertain, the Rev. Magrey deVega points out that creating new life is something God has not only done in the past, but is doing right now and will do in the future.

In Markís Gospel, we see how God had raised Christ before a group of grieving women arrived at his tomb. They experienced Godís care through the words of a heavenly messenger when they arrived, who told them Christ was going ahead of them to Galilee.

Even if your days are filled with uncertainty, the stories of Jesusí resurrection remind us that God is working things together for good.

Godís grace goes before us, placing people in our paths to guide us to faith.

God continues to offer us the opportunity to respond to the message of salvation.

Accepting Godís grace then opens us up to a new world of possibility as Godís grace shapes our lives. In this way, God is at work preparing our future.

Even though weíve put away our Easter decorations, remember the power that raised Christ from the dead is active in our world today. We only need to turn to God to discover the new life Jesus offers each of us.