Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Friday, March 30, 2018

According to this newspaper of last Friday’s date, (City hears sales tax issue during meeting), Joey McLiney, of McLiney and Company and self-confessed “financial advisor...for the county,” addressed the city council.

In the interest of bringing water to the Marshall Junction area, McLIney said, in part, “We’ll do a 20-year sales tax. We’ll do one-half of 1 percent...” Then he added, “But we’re going to have more money than we need...and then the county said we’ll just spread it out.” He spoke of creating a new economic development engine at the junction that “will make the pie bigger for everybody.” He said this is an effort “that really hasn’t been done by a county ever, in the state of Missouri.”

There we have it, folks, another push for even more sales tax, which is already too high and is certainly a burden on those of us in the lower economic brackets. What do we get for our money? A statement that more money will be generated than we actually need, so there is some vague idea of the excess money being used for totally unspecified “economic development.”

We were told previously that everybody will benefit from this wonderful plan and that a lot of the money will come from outside the county. I would like to see some hard facts to justify this claim. This “trickle-down theory” has been discredited scores of times before. What could go wrong?

I’m not against “development,” but I am against a general sales tax. Why not increase the “luxury” taxes? Alcohol is not a necessity, nor are cigarettes and jewelry. Failing that, figure out some way the movers and shakers, those who will actually profit, pay a higher share. Couldn’t they pay a little more on that Cadillac purchase?

If money is to be raised for economic development, first make sure the disposition of the money is spelled out, in detail, with safeguards clearly understood.

Let’s not ask those who stand very little chance of benefitting from this project, to pay the bill.

Bob R.M. Woodward, retired