Slater BOE approves salary base increase, health insurance rate increase

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Slater School Board of Education met Thursday, March 22, where Superintendent Debbie Gonzalez presented the financial report for February. Gonzalez reported February's expenses totaled $311,524.85, the closing balance was $2,358,637.96, and the DESE basic formula was at $826,796.54, year-to-date.

The operating budget was reported at $2,169,098.51, the teacher’s fund at $190,150.93, debt services at $311,890.36 and capital projects at $88,284.49. For a total of $2,759,424.29.

In regular monthly reports, Early Childhood Administrator Cheryl Willis said 20 students are currently enrolled in preschool.

Willis reported kindergarten screening will take place April 23-27, and a field trip to Sea Life and Lego Land in Kansas City is scheduled for Monday, April 30.

Preschool graduation is tentatively set for Thursday, May 17, at 7 p.m., according to Willis.

Elementary Principal Becky Drummond presented the board with the elementary and junior high report, where she reported attendance is currently at 95.51 percent, year-to-date.

On March 3, Mr. Myer took eight students to participate in the fifth and sixth grade honors choir at the UCM campus in Warrensburg.

Drummond said the students represented the school very well.

MAP Boot Camp has officially begun at the elementary and junior high schools. Drummond said there are approximately 70 third through eighth grade students attending.

A recent parent/family night was a success. Cari Pointer, author of the “Hey Mom!” books was the guest reader of the night. Drummond said students and their families also enjoyed making bookmarks, journals and learning about many online resources.

On Wednesday, March 28, an Easter egg hunt will be held at the elementary school at 10 a.m. The event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. All children up to second grade are welcome to participate.

MAP testing will be held April 9-20, according to Drummond.

High School Principal Jessica Clements said the high school is currently at 93.06 percent attendance, with 122 students currently enrolled.

Clements said the upcoming Life Academy session will be Wednesday, March 28, and will be about healthy relationships. The school will be hearing a presentation from staff at The Lighthouse Shelter.

“We are pairing up with staff from The Lighthouse Shelter to do a Life Academy presentation to the high school students about healthy relationships,” Clements explained. “We’re talking about communication, about boundaries, about consent, and just important things to know in both platonic relationships, and also romantic relationships.”

Several students and a staff member were recognized during Thursday’s meeting.

“Dillon Yung was named as KMZU’s Class 1A Boys Basketball Coach of the Year. We’re very excited about that,” Clements said. “We had several students ... named to the KMZU Dream Team. Keshawn White ... was named to First Team All-State. So really big honors and accolades there, and we’re very proud of the hard work.”

During the superintendent report, Gonzalez said the school started breakfast in the classroom this week.

“It’s going over very well,” she reported. “It’s doing what we’re hoping it does, ... feed our students so they’re not hungry until lunch, and then they get lunch, ... and they’re not hungry again until they go home. I think the goal is in sight, and we’re going to make that work.”

Gonzalez said prior to breakfast in the classroom, 72 students ate breakfast at school. After breakfast in the classroom started, in the last four days, that number has went up, with 146 students now eating breakfast at school.

During Thursday’s meeting, the board approved the certified salary schedule for 2018-2019, with an additional $1,000 base increase for certified staff, and a 3.3 percent increase for non certified staff.

Also approved was a $25 increase in health insurance rates, making the total insurance payment $475 per employee.

The Slater School Board of Education will meet again Tuesday, April 17, at 5 p.m.

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