Public Works board OKs sewer main replacement

Thursday, March 15, 2018

During the Marshall Municipal Utilities Board of Public Works meeting Thursday morning, March 15, Underground Facilities Director Grant Piper requested sewer main work to be done on the north side of town.

The work is to be completed on North English Avenue from High to Slater streets.

"The first phase of that was completed last spring (2017)," he said. "The second phase includes approximately 500 feet of 8-inch main from High Street to Slater Street, and two manholes This will be done with in-house labor and equipment."

The budgeted item is at $200,000. However, Piper said it would have an approximate cost of $65,000.

Additionally, Piper said there was another part of the sewer main replacement project, which is from High Street to Ellsworth Avenue.

" the third and final phase of this is to replace the main on High Street from English (Avenue) to Ellsworth (Avenue)," Piper said.

He explained this area is under the south curb and therefore presents some construction concerns. There is some consideration of moving the main in order to drain at the newly upgraded North English lift station. Because of this, a study will need to be conducted to check the volume of flow that will be added to the North English lift station.

"This is just to cover all our bases with DNR," Piper said. "It's going to add approximately 42 houses to that lift station, which I don't think is a big concern "

The board approved both items replacing the sewer main on North English Avenue and requesting proposals for a flow-rate study of North Ellsworth Avenue and High Street.

In other business, MMU Water Treatment Superintendent Kenny Clause reported on the progress at the water treatment facility.

"They did get the rest of floor poured for the high-service room," he said.

The roof of the new administration building should be completed early next week.

"The roof is taking a lot longer than I thought it would ," Clause said.

Electric Production Director Carl Crawford said the Excel manual tie baler, which is used primarily for baling plastic and cans, had an issue with the overload switch tripping. The electrical components are becoming obsolete. A replacement overload switch was ordered.

There has been some discussion for covering the Recycle Center loading dock.

"Talked with Septagon (Construction) about cover our loading dock out there " Crawford said.

He stated there have been some issues due to inclement weather, especially with the increased activity on the dock in the past year.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 29, at 8:30 a.m.

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