Bergstrom receives the Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award from the ASAS

Monday, March 12, 2018
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On Monday, March 12, Dr. Jon Bergstrom, of Marshall, was the recipient of the 2018 American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award, which will be presented to him this week during the ASAS-ADSA 2018 Midwest Meeting held in Omaha, Neb., according to a press release by Midwest ASAS-ADSA.

Bergstrom has a history thriving in animal agriculture and serving his country. Upon the completion of his B.S. degree from Iowa State University, Bergstrom gained insightful experience on a swine farm before returning to school to obtain his M.S. degree.

Before continuing his education further, Bergstrom spent time in research and technical service roles working for Seaboard Foods and Kerber Milling, while simultaneously serving as an active member of the Marine Corp and Army Reserves, the release states.

In 2011, Bergstrom completed his Ph.D. from Kansas State University, and is now a dedicated team member for DSM Nutritional Products, serving as the Senior technical support manager for DSM nutritional products, animal nutrition and health.

“I specialize in swine nutrition,” Bergstrom said. “And work with sales/account managers and our customers to support the use of our products in ways that meets the customers' needs – improving animal nutrition, health, and welfare for improved profitability and sustainability.”

He works to increase DSM’s visibility and expertise in vitamins, carotenoids, feed enzymes, probiotics, essential oil compounds and dietary acidifiers, according to the press release.

Thanks to Bergstrom’s extensive education and past work experiences, he is able to pull in a high level of relevance and impact to his ongoing work.

The ASAS Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award recognizes an individual that has made significant positive impacts on products and services offered by their employer.

Other requirements to achieve the award included showing evidence of the application of scientific principles and knowledge, and originality in the contributions; having demonstrated leadership relative to scientific matters in the animal/dairy industry beyond their employer; having developed/offered products and/or services based on sound concepts deemed to be acceptable under peer review; having demonstrated the ability to communicate with and influence others to support the products and/or services developed; and being employed in animal agribusiness at time of nomination.

The press release states contributions made by this person are original ideas based on scientific principles.

In addition to helping their employers, this person has shown a knack for leadership when it comes to scientific matters outside the realm of their employer by developing new products, services and sound concepts that have held up to peer review.

Not only are they continuing to expand their field of interest, this person is effectively able to communicate and influence other to support their innovative ideas, the release states.

Bergstrom currently resides with his family in Marshall, where he enjoys watching his son, Brett, grow through 4-H livestock involvement.

Bergstrom said receiving this award came as a surprise to him, as it is an annual award that he was nominated for.

“Receiving this award is truly an honor,” he said. “It's an affirmation from my peers that I have been doing the right things, and I hope that I can continue.”

ASAS Midwestern Section and the ASDA Midwestern Branch is a joint organization whose purpose is to advance research and education in animal sciences through providing a regional forum for exchange of scientific and technical information, and to promote interaction and collaboration among animal industries, scientists, trainees and students.

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