The Rev. Billy Graham burial

Friday, March 2, 2018

Today, March 2, a great man of God, the Rev. Billy Graham, is being laid to rest in a private ceremony at the Billy Graham Library.

His body will be put beside his late wife, Ruth. Their coffins are identical as was their love for God.

The coffins were hand built by the inmates of the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La. His son, Franklin, bought them years earlier, after preaching at the penitentiary, for he knew the humility of his parents. These plain coffins are made of pine and plywood with a thin mattress inside. Nailed on top of the coffins are simple clean crosses.

There was nothing simple about the cross that the Rev. Billy Graham preached, for he is being buried with a Bible. He preached the message of the cross from the Bible, leading thousands, if not millions, around the world to salvation.

This great man was one of the most humble even to the meeting of death. He ministered to presidents and world leaders. He traveled the globe to preach the Good News. He never asked to be called doctor or reverend, instead he would say, “Call me Billy.”

He wanted no fancy eulogies and told his son, Franklin, that on his tombstone he wanted no praise, but only the word “Preacher.”

Believers say a final goodbye to the world’s most famous “Preacher” and rejoice in knowing where he is, as they look forward to meeting him on the other side.

Through his crusades, many of us came to the acceptance of the cross and the love of Christ, and so we say thank you Billy for a job well done.