Truth of love: Covering

Friday, February 9, 2018

The depth of God’s love for us throughout the holy scriptures is exemplified by his covering, as God calls us to walk in the obedience of love to him.

When God called Abraham and Abraham obeyed, God changed his name from Abram to Abraham. The letter heh inserted in the middle of Abram (four letters in Hebrew) is also the number five for ‘God’s grace.’ It is by God’s grace that we are called to accept/believing in Messiah who leads us to the father.

By God’s grace, Abraham and Sarah put up a tent living well until deciding to solve barrenness themselves rather than wait upon the Lord’s timing. Still God loved them. Our Lord will not leave us nor forsake us. Through Messiah, we are under the creator’s covering and like Abraham and Sarah, will do well unless we go our own way.

Abraham’s tent is represented in a traditional Jewish marriage ceremony, when the couple makes their covenant under a canopy, a chuppah, held up by four poles. This chuppah covering has all sides open to show hospitality of the home. Abraham welcomed strangers from all directions. When the Messiah came, he came for the Jew first, the Hebrew nation created by God from the Semites, and then the gentiles from all directions, all nations. We are to join together as the bride of Messiah.

Yeshua/Jesus teaches us to walk in the spirit of all scripture, not by legalism to the father or looking at others’ behavior with a critical spirit but by walking in obedience of love, the way of the Messiah. John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life: no one comes to the Father except through me.” We should welcome others to join us in meeting Yeshua/Jesus so they too will come to the father.

My favorite wedding canopy is a tallit, a traditional large prayer shawl, which in biblical times was the outer garment worn over clothing. In Matthew 25:36, the prayer shawl is not often recognized because in verse 36 it reads “and I was poorly clothed and you clothed me,” the Greek — periebalete — is the word for “you clothed.” That is referring to the outer garment which shows the person had not been naked, but the stranger was poorly clothed. The most interesting part of this is to understand that the person providing the outer garment was ministering to the person’s spiritual needs, as well as physical needs.

When we give offerings for the poor or physical items, we should pray over them; that the receiver’s spiritual needs also be met. The Messiah taught us to pray when teaching our father. He who feed the multitudes taught prayer and how to live in love honoring the Father.

The Messiah is the groom who enters the chuppah first waiting for his bride. The bride enters knowing that she will be provided the necessities of shelter, but also trusting the spiritual provision of the groom, for he is the spiritual head of the home. Yeshua/Jesus is our spiritual head. Our real home is with the Messiah. It is Yeshua/Jesus who loves us so much that as his bride he promises provision. Thus our covenant, one of contractual fulfillment by his shed blood is one we have to desire. He will not force us under the covering, to be wrapped in his prayer shawl.

When God calls us to accept Yeshua/Jesus, preparing us to be his bride, to be one with him, we are the beneficiaries in this spiritual union through obedience.

Remembering not to step out before his timing, in making life decisions, but to patiently walk in love, results in the fruit of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit. The spiritual covering that the father provides in our obedience to the doctrines of the Messiah/Christ and leading of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit (Spirit of Holiness) guides us to a better life here and the blessed assurance of eternal life.