Board of Public Works OKs soil bid for 161kV tie project

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Electric Distribution Director Jeff Bergstrom reported on bids received to the Marshall Board of Public Works during its regular meeting Thursday morning, Feb. 1.

Bergstrom said there is work needed for soil testing and engineering for the 161kV emergency tie site.

"We did receive two bids back I would like to recommend their (Lutz, Daily and Brain LLC) recommendation with Terracon," he said.

According to Bergstrom, Terracon's overall bid was higher at $12,000 compared to Crockett Engineering Consultants at $7,500. However, Bergstrom added that Terracon could complete the necessary work that LD&B requested for the project. Terracon's bid for additional soil testing, if needed, was less than Crockett Engineering Consultants.

"It (Terracon) meets all the needs of the project," he said. "They'll bore at the site where we're going to have the concrete foundation. Come back with soil types, samples, and then have input on the type of foundation."

Bergstrom explained that was the main difference between the two companies. Crockett Engineering Consultants could not provide feedback on the type of foundation needed for the foundation work.

An additional bid was also received. However, that company could not offer the required work.

The board approved the bid from Terracon for $12,900. Terracon is based out of Lenexa, Kan.

In other business, Electric Distribution Director Carl Crawford talked about a situation at the recycling center.

"The ban on plastic has presented some issues," he said.

Previously, General Manager Kyle Gibbs reported that in 2017 China decided to ban plastics. Much of the plastic recycling, from across the world, is sent overseas. Crawford said separating the No. 4 HDPE (high-density polyethylene) blue and clear plastic is an issue and is currently being worked on.

According to Crawford, there is, however, still a good market to ship these items. The current price on clear plastic is 12 to 14 cents per pound, and blue plastic holds a price of 1 to 2 cents per pound.

Crawford also reported income received from ConAgra's cardboard recycling was $20,419.30 for December 2017. That same month also saw $1,812.80 in revenue from ConAgra's No. 4 plastic recycling.

Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator Kenny Clause said the THM reduction project is moving along. The top of the reservoir was poured Jan. 20.

He also reported work on the administration building is coming along as plywood is now being installed on the roof. Once that is complete, a tarp will be attached for protection for brick layers during cold weather. Additionally, framing will begin on the inside of the building.

All members were present. The next regular meeting is Thursday, Feb. 15.

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