Marshall man facing molestation charges

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

On Monday, Jan. 15, an arrest warrant was issued to Mark D. T. Hughes, 24, of Marshall, for molestation related charges. He has been charged with two class A felonies and two class D felonies.

According to a probable cause statement, a Marshall Police Department officer received a call from the Saline County Childrenís Division on Friday, Jan. 12, in reference to a child abuse/neglect hotline report. The report allegedly indicated that Hughes and both of his 3-year-old children have an STD, and that the children were not being treated for the infection.

The hotline report indicated that Hughes took the two children to Fitzgibbon Hospital for treatment on Monday, Jan. 8, according to the statement.

Fitzgibbon Hospital was unable to contact Hughes to provide antibiotics, after tests returned indicating positive for the infection in both children.

According to the probable cause statement, a Childrenís Division investigator and the MPD officer contacted Hughes and his daughters at their residence, where Hughes could not provide an explanation as to how both children contracted the infection.

According to unofficial online court documents, Hughes is facing two class A felony charges for child molestation and two class D felony charges for endangering the welfare of a child creating substantial risk.

An arraignment was held on Tuesday, Jan. 16. A cash only bond was set for $100,000 with conditions not to have contact with the victims.

Editorís note: Charges contained in reports provided by law enforcement officials are not evidence of guilt. Evidence supporting charges must be presented before a jury, whose duty is to determine if the accused is guilty or not guilty of the charges.