Marshall Board of Public Works OKs surveying bid, new construction

Thursday, January 11, 2018

During its regular meeting Thursday, Jan. 11, Marshall Board of Public Works accepted a surveying bid for the 161kV emergency tie construction, new construction for water supply at a location south of Marshall, and heard other reports.

Electric Distribution Director Jeff Bergstrom said bids were received for surveying at the 161kV emergency tie location.

"After talking with our engineer, a bid for $8,500 from Westwood Professional Services does meet all the requirements," he said.

The board accepted the bid from Westwood Professional Services.

Saline County Public Water Supply District No. 3 has released property outside the Marshall city limits to the Marshall Municipal Water District. Underground Facilities Director Grant Piper said Fischer Concrete Services, from Sedalia, and Marshall Ready Mix have requested two new 2-inch water service lines for a concrete plant at 22353 Hemlock Ave.

"This would be a good customer of ours," he said.

The plant does not currently have enough water to make enough product for its larger pours.

Piper recommended the board approve the request for water service at that location.

The board approved the request.

In other business, General Manager Kyle Gibbs said since 1996, the city has paid a tipping fee to Marshall Municipal Utilities for collected paper recycling from Municipal Services sanitation department. He said that has changed over time.

"It was 50 percent then it went to $10," he said.

About nine years ago, the fee was dropped to a flat fee of $10 per ton, and would only be collected for what was delivered by city trucks. The city stopped paying tipping fees for materials received at the drop-off facility, he added.

"As long as the cardboard we receive from ConAgra, and the cardboard we receive from the city and combine those two, it makes the recycling facility whole," Gibbs said.

A contract with ConAgra does not allow MMU to charge a tipping fee to ConAgra, according to Gibbs. It requires MMU to take ConAgra's corrugated products along with their plastic. He said the paper products received from ConAgra provides about a 30 percent higher income per ton. MMU is not dependent on the city's tipping fees to operate the recycling facility, as long as the contract with ConAgra is in place.

Therefore, Gibbs made a motion to stop charging the city the $10 per ton recycling fee as long as there is income from the city and ConAgra's recycling that would completely support the recycling program.

The motion was approved.

In regular reports, Electric Production Director Carl Crawford reported there will be fiber optic cable run to the recycle center building. This will enable tickets to be printed at the center. Truck drivers will sign and receive weight tickets without having to go to the control room inside the power plant.

Kenny Clause, water treatment plant chief operator, provided an update on the THM reduction project.

"The mat for the top of the reservoir is complete," he said. "All the trusses are on they're moving right along right now."

Additionally, Clause said Waverly had a leak in their meter vault on Dec. 29, and a replacement meter was ordered.

"They actually got their new meter in yesterday and installed it," he said.

Gibbs also talked about the new officers to the board. He said the rotation of officers have been in place for several years.

"From the normal rotation we do Ken Bryant would be president, Steve Mills would be vice president, Spencer Fricke would be secretary," Gibbs said. "Chuck Hird would be a member."

The board approved to keep the rotation as scheduled and the new officers confirmed.

All members were present. City Administrator Dave Haugland and City Councilman Dewey Hendrix were also present. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 1, at 8:30 a.m.

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