Sweet Springs citizens bring concerns to Board of Aldermen

Monday, January 8, 2018

During the Board of Aldermen meeting Monday, Jan. 8, two citizens introduced personal and public issues to the board.

Roxanne Hinton said there is a residence where several porta potties are in the yard. Mayor Dee Friel said it is part of a business the individual runs. Friel also pointed out the equipment is stored there and not used on the property. Hinton believed that business was not appropriate for a residential area.

"I still don't think a porta potty business has any right to be in a residential area," Hinton said. "It's unsightly."

Friel said the board will have a discussion with the city attorney to see whether that is a permissable business and take action then.

Hinton said another issue was that same resident sits on the transient tax board. She said that this person approached the fair board and Octoberfest board and tried to push the board members to use his porta potty business.

"That is a classic example of an ethics violation," Hinton said.

Friel said she was unaware of such activity, but will take that under advisement and speak with the city attorney.

Hinton also had a question with "eclipse T-Shirts" being sold at city hall. She said veterans were selling those during the eclipse. She didn't think it was appropriate for an individual to make a profit off the shirts when the veterans were selling the shirts.

Friel explained the proceeds were going to another individual to make donations to the concession stand project.

"I don't think that clarifies that at all," Hinton said. "I don't think you should be selling those (shirts) in the city hall."

Friel said the matter would be looked into and the T-Shirt removed from the wall.

Another citizen, Parrish Barrier, brought up a question about a recent legal situation he was involved in.

"I had a theft at my house ... and I was following the case, appearing on the court dates," he said. "I appeared on the last court date and the case was dismissed. ... But when I went to ask the city attorney, I was told to leave and to leave immediately."

He didn't see a reason why he was treated in that manner. He simply wanted an explanation of the outcome of his case. Barrier thought the attorney's behavior was unprofessional.

Friel said she appreciated his coming forward and his concerns will be taken under advisement.

All members were present. The next meeting will be Feb. 12.

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