Marshall city attorney discusses vacating Marshall alleyways

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

During the regular session meeting of Marshall City Council Tuesday, Jan. 2, City Attorney Josh Taylor explained two ordinances pertaining to vacating and discontinuing a portion of public alleyways near the Missouri Valley College campus.

One area is known as block 25 around the college campus between Laura and Belle streets.

"There aren't any presently existing easements there for utility purposes," Taylor said.

He said any potential development in the area should become easier once these ordinances are in place. The property on either side of the alley would go back to those property owners on their respective sides of the alley.

City Inspector Mike Morgan said as an alley it has never been maintained.

"There's nothing in it that serves any purpose to the city," he said.

Taylor said there was no urgency in passing this, so Councilman Dan Brandt suggested giving opportunity to residents to voice their concerns or questions before making a final vote on the ordinance.

The council approved the first reading, but tabled the second reading until further discussion could be held between the city and property owners.

Taylor continued with the second ordinance, saying the alley is located in an area south of the college campus near Odell Avenue.

"This particular alleyway is located at the intersection of Odell and Morrow between the old hotel lot and the bank," he said.

"The alley runs north and south from Morrow Street to Black Street," Morgan said.

Taylor believed the current area is not in use.

Morgan added that it will only be vacated to the south line of the former hotel property. Anything south of that line will not be vacated.

"There will be one property just south of the bank that will gain seven feet to their property," Morgan said.

He explained all of the property owners have been notified. He has also been in contact with the owners of the bank and hotel. The hotel owners requested the property change.

"This request comes for the purpose of developing that area," Morgan said.

He added that the buildings that are currently there would stay there and that the hotel demolition is complete. He said the remaining buildings will be refurbished for storage.

He said once he gets the plans he will meet with the bank and get feedback.

The council members approved the first reading and will hear the second reading at the next meeting.

In other business, Marshall Municipal Utilities General Manager Kyle Gibbs updated the city council about its tree trimming project.

"We solicit time and material bids from several contract tree trimmers that have the qualifications to do work on power lines," he explained.

He said the contractor has to have the right insurance and right bonding. Among the bids sent out and received, the Board of Public Works has accepted a bid from Poor Boy Tree Service. A service that has been utilized in the past.

"This year we've got significant needs in our transmission line between our Norton substation and around the southeast sub," Gibbs said.

Councilman Ron Ott was absent from the meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 16.

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