Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dear Editor,

It seems nobody wants to be responsible these days. It read almost like an insurance scam where everybody but the victim has won. The article regarding MMU refusing to pay Lane Conway who requested help with her refrigerator that was blown out when MMU turned the power on after working on lines reads like a sad story. MMU refused to pay anything to her for her rented refrigerator or to fix the one that was now no good or for any lost food items.

Excuses were that the insurance company wouldn't pay and so MMU was not responsible because it was a routine connection. Well they are still responsible whether it was routine or not routine, they did it and a customer was simply asking for help with the food loss, the refrigerator rental or fixing the one broken. The customer had nothing whatsoever to do with the problem and was clearly a victim. MMU runs a tight ship on our payments regardless of whether we have oxygen running or anything, we must pay.

I am sorry for our Board of Public Works, Lane Conway. It is an embarrassment. They either need to find the fault to the customer by some research to prove they were not at fault or pay up.

Carol Jean Cornine-Brown, retired

Dear Editor,

I was a resident in the Fitzgibbon Skilled Care Unit (in November), receiving both physical and occupational therapy. Having seen the notices from our local paper for people to suggest articles and subjects of community interest, I felt this unit (should be recognized).

I find the employees were exceptional — especially some who worked directly with each of us, helping to support our daily needs. It was clean and had large roomy living areas. And the professional staff in the programs adjacent to this unit makes this health option at Fitzgibbon a great one.


Carol Cornine-Brown, retired

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