NWCS announces Hope as employee of month

Monday, December 18, 2017

Cameron Hope, DAI/CMA, was announced as Employee of the Month for November 2017 at Northwest Community Services.

According to a press release, Hope has an excellent attitude.

Hope has taken the time to learn sign language in order to better serve one of their individuals. His initiative in doing this has increased his rapport with the individual and is easily called on by his peers, as well as supervisors.

He volunteers to cover extra shifts in order to meet coverage needs and also adjusts his schedule in order to serve as the lead staff for another shift.

Hope volunteered on his day off to take an individual on a home visit and while visiting, the individual and her family were playing a “pie in the face game,” in which Cameron was a willing participant. Not only did he get a pie on the face once or twice, he got five pies on the face, which made the home visit for the individual even more exciting.

When Hope was called by a co-worker, who was stranded with a flat tire 40 minutes away,

he did not hesitate to go assist and help his peer.

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