Marriage licenses

Friday, December 8, 2017

Manoj Kumar Kasam of Slater, to Samantha Kristine Sanders of Slater.

Joseph Cody Hostetter of Marshall, to Brittany Leann Reynolds of Marshall.

Anael Escobar Santos of Marshall, to Cecilia Hernandez Lopez of Marshall.

James Ray Schull Jr. of Marshall, to Tiffany Lynn Moody of Marshall.

Miguel Rodriguez Moreno of Marshall, to Francisca Darome Pinela of Marshall.

William Junior Foley Jr. of Marshall, to Tonya Rae Caddell of Marshall.

Joshua Lee Zahner of Sweet Springs, to Kelly Nicole Griffitt of Sweet Springs.

Mark Edward Clemons of Marshall, to Kylie Danielle Heying of Marshall.

Selvin Arturo Ruano Chavez of Marshall, to Ashley Guadalupe Sandoval of Marshall.

David Wayne Clause of Marshall, to Susan Margaret Hughes of Marshall.

Eric Matthew Gerke of Marshall, to Cody Nicole Woody of Marshall.

Gary Mitchell Baldwin of Grand Pass, to Gena Marie Baldwin of Grand Pass.

Ethan Cadmus Duke of Marshall, to Dana Lynne Ripper of Marshall.