MHS students bridge school, community with event calendar

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Marshall High School students currently involved in Project Keep the Change, from left to right, are: (front) Sydnee Nichols, Madisyn Garrison, Laurel DePaoli, Haven Sanchez; (back) Sophie Guthrie, Carlie Aldridge, Liz Foose, Tanner England, Omar Tinoco, T-Love William and Branden Withey.
Sarah Reed/Democrat-News

What began as a project in their sociology classes is now spilling out into the community.

A group of Marshall High School students established Project Keep the Change approximately three weeks ago. It’s an effort to advocate for positive community events in order to bring the town and school closer together.

“In our classes we started talking about … school shootings and how it’s trending now in a bad way. We started talking about how we can just make the world a better place,” the group explained. “We focused on school, and then we started talking about how we can do all this stuff.”

The students formed a group and decided to branch off from campus activities, thinking of happenings scheduled in town. They now actively promote positive events for nonprofit organizations in an effort to benefit Marshall residents. This is done through social media and distributing fliers to the public.

“The school itself doesn’t have a budget for this, so we’re promoting other people … because we can help them ourselves,” they said. “We’re trying to eventually get to the point where some of us help work events if they need (volunteers).”

The students said they feel they’ve received nothing but positive feedback from their families and the school. They said several Missouri Valley College students were also impressed that they were keeping their project going, rather than losing interest after a few days.

Those interested in submitting an event to Project Keep the Change can contact organizers through any social media outlet. The students will evaluate if the event is something that qualifies, and it will then be added to their events calendar with a small synopsis of the activity. Calendars will be distributed via social media, such as Twitter, and physically at other community events. Students can also be reached via email at

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