Commissioners approve several order requests, discuss task force

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Saline County Commission approved a new employee request, a reimbursement, and tax additions and abatements during its regular meeting Thursday, Nov. 9.

A new employee request was received from the prosecuting attorney’s office for the hire of an administrative assistant. Jayme Perez was approved to begin work Monday, Nov. 13, at the pay rate of $12.50 per hour. Because the county’s policy is to pay a beginning wage of $11.50, commissioners stated Prosecuting Attorney Don Stouffer has agreed to pay the remaining $1.00 from his own office’s funds.

A reimbursement of $959.98 was then approved from an Emergency Management Performance Grant to cover expenses for a computer and monitor.

Northern Commissioner Richard Clemens next presented the month’s tax additions and abatements, stating the month’s report was good news for the county.

“We have a gain in real estate of $6,103.79,” he began. “In personal property tax, we have a gain of $48,395.83. This is for a total net gain of $54,499.62.”

In terms of taxes, Collector Cindi Sims announced residents should begin to receive their personal property tax bills next week in the mail.

Presiding Commissioner Kile Guthrey then stated a task force meeting was recently held to discuss the proposed sales tax increase regarding the Marshall Junction water project and economic development in the county.

“(The meeting) was more of a brainstorming type of thing,” he said. “(There were) lots of questions going around about really what this task force is.”

He explained the group is meant to discuss possible projects around the county regarding economic development.

“I think the ideas are basically going to be projects that these communities want,” Clemens added. “... We’ll try to kind of put those down on paper so that the people will know this is going beyond the (Interstate) 70, (U.S. Highway) 65 junction. It will be into our communities, so it’s important that (task force members) come back with good, well thought out ideas.”

The task force will meet again in December to share ideas generated from the communities.

In a final action, commissioners approved a transfer into the CERF retirement fund in the amount of $5,943.18.

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