Marshall Board of Public Works approve action items

Thursday, October 12, 2017

During its regular meeting Thursday morning, Oct. 12, Marshall Board of Public Works discussed two action items on the agenda. One was to approve construction of a second tie for the city's transmission line, and another item was to approve the renewal of a water distribution plan for the city.

Electric Distribution Director Jeff Bergstrom said Lutz, Daily and Brain LLC had presented the engineering proposal for the second tie. He added the city has done business with the firm before.

"Kyle (Gibbs) and I looked it over and think it covers everything it needs to," Bergstrom said.

He said he would handle the project management process locally, so there is no cost for it in the budget. The proposed budget for the project, which just includes engineering fees, is $194,000.

General Manager Kyle Gibbs said there will be other contracts that will be brought to the board as they come in.

Bergstrom said there will probably be four or five more contracts in this process.

"We'll have a right-of-way clearing bid, a bid for materials, a bid for construction, surveying the subsoil so we'll just bring in each individual item back to you guys," he said.

Bergstrom said the total cost of the project is budgeted at $1.5 million dollars, but will be spread out over some time.

"We'll spend quite a bit on engineering this year and then the materials will have to be bought. We won't start construction until next fall. And we're a year away from that, which will put us in the next budget year."

A motion was made and approved to accept the engineering proposal from Lutz, Daily and Brain LLC for a 161kV emergency tie not to exceed a cost of $194,000.

Underground Facilities Director Grant Piper presented the other action item on the agenda. He said the water distribution owner supervised plan was developed in 2007. Shafer, Kline and Warren designed the plan and it was approved by Department of Natural Resources.

"This plan allows us to construct or replace water mains already approved by engineers and DNR," Piper said. "The plan renews every five years."

It was last updated in 2013 and will expire in 2018.

The budgeted amount for this plan is $30,000. Piper's recommendation to the board was to approve the proposal from Shafer, Kline and Warren not to exceed the budgeted cost to renew the current plan.

The board approved the proposal.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 2.

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