Day updates county commission on training exercises

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Emergency Management Director Tony Day reported on recent training exercises during the Saline County Commission’s regular meeting Thursday morning, Oct. 12.

“We had our annual HAZMAT exercise with Cargill and ConAgra,” he began. “... They do a refresher class, and then in the afternoon we do an exercise at both Cargill and ConAgra.”

He reported the exercise went very well, with multiple companies and departments participating. Industrial Consultants led the training, which includes an exercise involving an anhydrous leak.

Day and Administrative Assistant Sharon Sheffer also assisted with training in a nearby county.

“We went to Ray County and helped Ray County Hospital with an exercise,” he said. “It’s the first one they’ve ever had up there, and they wanted some assistance.”

Day explained that he and Sheffer observed the exercise and critiqued the training.

“I really enjoy helping out other counties when we can,” he added. “That way, we can call on them also when we need assistance.”

Day shared updates on the Emergency Management Agency’s building, including the installation of a radio tower. The tower was donated by the Saline County E911 Center because the tower was too short for its previous location, but was just right for the agency.

“We haven't gotten antennas up, or cables on it, but we’re getting really close with our radio room,” he commented.

A ham radio was purchased through the Rural Homeland Security Oversight Committee (RHSOC), and he explained that ham radios are better than cell phones because they can still be used if cell phone towers are down during an emergency.

In other county business, Treasurer Marty Smith presented the month’s tax report, which showed numbers down across the board. Nearly $89,000 was received in sales tax, which is reportedly down approximately $17,000 from last month and down $8,373.83 from October 2016. The county received $66,718.42 in law enforcement tax, and that number was down nearly $13,000 from last month and approximately $6,000 from the same time last year.

A total of $4,489.81 was received in use tax, which is a record low since the tax first began in 2013. That number is down $19,771.81 from September, and approximately $6,500 down from the same time last year.

Commissioners approved a letter of destruction for a printer from the assessor’s office that has become obsolete, and a $23.50 check to Collector Cindi Sims for city collection commission.

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