Keep It Kind 65340 holds October meeting

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Keep It Kind 65340 met Monday evening, Oct. 2, with almost 30 females of all ages in attendance.

Tammy Kerksiek, of Lee’s Studio in Marshall, was the guest speaker, and provided a program regarding what real beauty is and how the media and beauty industries distort the image of beauty. Halley Campbell led the group with reading the mission statement.

Participants were reminded that real beauty comes from within, not to trust everything seen in the media, and to always “Embrace your inner beauty, be kind and shine.”

Kerksiek left some challenges for the week, including no selfies, no talking about how they looked, give compliments to others that are not about looks, and invite someone outside the their friend circle to do something fun that does not include electronics.

Jordan Reith led the remainder of the meeting, which included members expressing recent highs and lows to better understand the low points and celebrate high points.

At the end of the evening, participants made a Kindness Kommitment to either themselves or someone else, to be completed within the month.

Members will participate in the Color Run on Sunday, Oct. 8, and will throw color on runners.

The next meeting will be Monday, Nov. 6, from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Wood & Huston Community Room, with Carri Pointer as a special guest. The group welcomes females of all ages.

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