Thomas Estus Nicholas

Friday, October 20, 2017

Arrival on this planet: November 15th, 1952 --

Departed for the Great Unknown: August 20th, 2017

Thomas Estus Nicholas was born Thomas Harrison Giberson, to Louise Crutcher Giberson and Samuel H. Giberson on the 320th day of the year 1952. He was adopted by Louise's second husband, Russel Nicholas, at the tender age of two. This union created a loving family of his, hers, and ours (John Nicholas, Tom Nicholas, Carol Nicholas Miller, Rusty Nicholas, James Nicholas, and Ann Nicholas Ashley).

Tom's adventures began on Eastwood Street in the small town of Marshall, Missouri, where his imagination thrived. At the early age of 11 he began his musical career playing in bands like the "Blues Men," "Our Daily Bread," and "The Wild Things." He started dating the love of his life, Becky Bullington, when he was just 13 years old and proceeded to marry her soon after graduating from Marshall High School. In 1971 he created the band "ESTUS" with his brother John. By 1973 they had scored a recording contract with CBS Records. With his wife and firstborn child, Jason Estus Nicholas, they set out to conquer the world. During the height of his music career he played alongside such greats as BB King, Ike and Tina Turner, Robert Palmer, and Areosmith, to name just a few.

Throughout his lifetime he took on many roles: digital and analog engineer, president of Giberson Records, composer and published author, musical instructor, commercial advertising artist, architect and designer, but he always felt his greatest accomplishments were his four children. Tom had an obsession with anything aeronautical, loved technology, had a brilliant forward thinking mind, and above all inspired the people he loved to dream.

Tom was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, after having a lung removed, the cancer unfortunately ended up spreading to his brain. He in turn proceeded to survive another 11 years, mesmerizing the medical community, and confirming to his friends and family he was a truly stubborn and determined individual.

Tom leaves behind on earth his wife of 47 years, Becky Nicholas, his four children: Jason Nicholas, John Thomas Nicholas, Jessica Nicholas Lim and James Nicholas, along with 12 grandchildren: Andrea Nicholas, Sage Nicholas, Collin Nicholas, Cole Nicholas, Adam Nicholas, Sophia Lim, Ethan Nicholas, Oen Nicholas, Haven Lim, Jude Lim, Simone Lim and Icea Nicholas.

Please join us for his memorial in Marshall, Missouri, on October 28th, 2017. A special date of Tom and Becky, who built a Symer. Details to follow on Facebook. Becky accepted visitors Thursday, August 24th after 5:00pm and again on Saturday, August 26th, from 12pm-5pm, at her home in Springfield, Missouri.

"Dreamers Dream with Dreamers"