Monsanto continues pollinator plot with help from dedicated youths

Friday, August 4, 2017
On Thursday, July 27, the Monsanto Soybean Production facility invited a group of 13 YMCA Day Campers to help in expanding its pollinator habitat. With the kidsí help, Monsanto staff members were able to put 70 more plants in the habitat that are especially attractive to butterflies. The habitat contains plants that are particularly attractive to the Monarch butterfly, which are hard to come by. Monarchs will only feed and lay eggs on milkweed plants, of which there are four varieties in the plot, according to a Monsanto representative. On Thursday, the group enjoyed playing in the mud and getting to identify multiple Monarch caterpillars. Afterward, they had an opportunity to learn a bit more about pollinators and why they are so important to agriculture and our everyday lives.
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