Cowart updates commission on county road closures

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Road and Bridge Supervisor Justin Cowart was on hand during the Saline County Commission’s regular meeting to provide an update on road closures within the county on Thursday morning, July 6.

According to Cowart, there are three roads that are still closed in different parts of the county. Near Miami, 367th Trail is closed between Keystone and Koala avenues. Lotus Avenue, north of Slater, is closed between 357th Trail and Highway F. Lastly, 210th Road between Mesquite Avenue and Highway E is closed, which is located east of Marshall and north of Napton.

Cowart said new culverts for those roads will be delivered to his office by the end of this week.

“By Wednesday, we hope to have all the roads open in the county,” he said. “... I ask everybody to be patient.”

Crews have also been working to fix shoulders that have been washed out.

Commissioners opened two bids that were received for the road and bridge department. Bids were submitted for the purchase of a new dual-axle, lowboy trailer. The first bid, from Holden Industries, was for a total of $31,500, and the second bid from Neville Built Trailers, was for $29,900. The commission voted to take bids under advisement for Cowart to review.

The commission then approved a commission order of $107.37 for County Collector Cindi Sims for the collection of commission for the city collections, and a total of seven liquor licenses. Licenses approved include one to Catalpa, located at 510 High St. in Arrow Rock; two to Pop Shop, located at 320 N. Miami Ave. in Marshall; two to Pop Shop, located at 1274 S. Odell Ave. in Marshall; and two to Holiday Lanes, located at 1155 Santa Fe Trail, in Marshall.

Northern Commissioner Richard Clemens announced that courthouse evacuation plans will soon be posted on each floor of the courthouse, with each office also receiving a copy of the plan. Earlier this year, Saline County Deputy Sheriff Brad Bartlett created the escape plan, including reporting sites.

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