Annual MPD bowling event keeps rolling

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Marshall Police Dispatcher Becky Johnson (left) partners with a young bowler from Common Good, Natural Living to send the ball on its way during the third annual Bowl with a Cop event Wednesday, July 5.
Arron Hustead/Democrat-News

Marshall Police took to the lanes Wednesday, July 5, joined by groups from Common Good, Natural Living for the third annual Bowl with a Cop event.

This year, MPD Corporal Will Walker, who has organized the event all three years, said attendance had increased by approximately 15 from an estimated 30-40 participants in each of the first two occurrences.

CGNL Professional Manager Demetric Poindexter said the event was highly anticipated each year, along with other sporting activities like kickball and softball.

"When they know we're going to get to bowl with the cops, they love it," he said.

Walker added that the lanes were a very popular location among the CGNL community, ranking right up there with Disneyland.

The event helps to build facial recognition of officers among members of the special needs community, which Walker said has already proven to be beneficial. In the future, Walker said he would like to see the event expand, potentially by adding an event involving the general public and possibly as a back-to-school type of celebration.

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