Letter to the Editor

letter to the editor

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dear Editor:

Baccalaureate was held May 7 at the First Baptist Church, sponsored by the Marshall Ministerial Alliance. This age-old tradition has been part of graduation for years. The past 10 years the attendance of graduating seniors has declined. Sorry to say, this year the students who played in the orchestra and sang in the chorus definitely outnumbered the graduating seniors. I understand students are not required to attend since baccalaureate is not a school activity. I wish they would encourage the students to attend. As I looked around the church I was also upset not to see any high school teachers, administrators or any school board members. Shannon Gotmer, junior/senior counselor was present. I just find all of this troubling.

Senior prank: some students didn’t get the PA announcement, so they didn’t move their cars. However no tickets were issued at graduation and people parked in fire zones, double parked past yellow line, and only a single lane to exit on south exit. City covered up “no parking” signs on Miami Avenue for extra parking. Nice to have a bus for transportation from plaza and old Walmart.

Graduation: only three school board members were seated on the track with the graduates. You picked and approved the calendar.

Then “they” wonder why a school referendum won’t pass.

Susan Robbins




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