Marshall business reaches national audience

Friday, May 19, 2017
Walter Cadwell talks with Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, via videoconference during the show's Tuesday, May 16, broadcast. The ABC product airs opposite long-running late night talk shows such as CBS's The Late Show and NBC's The Tonight Show.

Those watching late night television Tuesday, May 16, may have been surprised to see a Marshall business appearing on their TV sets during a national broadcast.

Walter Cadwell, of Cadwell's Towing and Cadwell's One Scoop, or Two, among other enterprises, was featured via videoconference on that evening's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC's answer to The Late Show and The Tonight Show. In the segment, Kimmel states the show reached out to unique businesses across the country to shine some light on the American entrepreneurial spirit.

Along with Cadwell's, two other business owners were briefly interviewed from Paintball, Food Storage, Violins and Band, located in St. George, Utah, and Golf Ball Outlet and Fireworks Mega Store in Hardeeville, S.C.

Kimmel first asked how a towing service and ice cream shop came together.

"Well, we started with an ice cream store and branched out to towing, locksmiths, computer repair and fitness clubs," Cadwell replied.

Kimmel was then incredulous over the idea of having ice cream and fitness clubs together, to which Cadwell said he thought he'd make double the money that way. Kimmel called attention to the multiple cell phones sticking out of Cadwell's shirt pockets, of which Cadwell explained there were three one for the towing company, one for snap fitness, and one for locksmithing.

"The good lord blesses us every day," Cadwell concluded after Kimmel asked if the businesses were going alright.

Cadwell said the business was added to under the category of humorous combination businesses back in 2007, which was where Kimmel saw it and contacted the business about appearing in the show's segment. The interview was pre-recorded earlier that day.

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