Previous meeting's business all approved by Marshall council

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three previously heard ordinances and a board appointment each passed without opposition at a meeting of the Marshall City Council Monday, April 3.

One of the approved ordinances authorized the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission to file applications for waivers on the city's behalf with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to exempt the city from purchase requirements for facilities greater than 20 megawatts being privately built along Marshall Municipal Utilities' service grid. With the filing of waivers, the purchasing obligations for qualifying facilities under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 would pass from MMU to MJMEUC.

Other ordinances brought before the board two weeks previously also receiving approval Monday included the execution of two agreements the first between the city and Saline County where the city will pay the annual per capita assessment requested by the county for the provision of emergency management services, and the second between the city and Andrew J. Green and Thomas Jones for the lease of property at the Marshall Municipal Airport. Marshall's per capita assessment payment for 2017 totaled $18,682.95. According to previous discussion, the per capita assessment, asked of each city in the county, will be used to purchase items such as storm sirens and weather radios for cities and emergency response departments throughout the county. Meanwhile, the airport lease agreement will permit leasers to construct an aircraft hangar, ownership of which would transfer to the city after 35 years.

Also carrying over from the March 20 meeting, the council approved Mayor Mark Gooden's appointment of Robert Ashford to the city's Planning and Zoning Commission.

In other action items, the council approved two bids for the purchase of goods or services. The first was for mowing as needed for city properties, going to the low bidder, Crank Lawncare, at a cost of $125 per mowing. Properties included in the bid were the Martin Community Center, city offices and the Marshall Municipal Court. City Inspector Mike Morgan said mowing of those properties was needed an average of every 7-10 days.

The second bid acceptance allowed for purchase of a flatbed trailer for the use of the Municipal Services Department which had not been previously budgeted for, but was financed through the sale of scrap metal the department had collected during the previous three years.

"We haul Bobcats, mowers, materials, all over town," Municipal Services Director Bill Anderson said of the trailer's use. "We have one small trailer, but it's not big enough. It works for some things, but not for everything."

The city elected to accept the second lowest bid after the low bid did not meet the department's specifications. The accepted bid came from Maxwell Trailers, of Columbia, at a cost of $4,150. Councilman Kirk Arends noted that he would have preferred to accept a bid from a local business had the variation in the cost not been so high an approximate 20 percent difference.

An additional bid allowed for the sale of a vacant lot owned by the city. The council elected to sell the lot to the lone bidder, Wayne Barr, for $200.

"This is a small parcel that the city, I believe inherited at some point in time," Morgan said. "It's landlocked. It sits directly behind another piece of property located at 478 S. Redman. I would (recommend), based on the condition of the property and that it's of absolutely no use to us, that we accept that bid."

On behalf of the Municipal Services and Personnel Committee, Councilman Dan Brandt announced six bids had been received for the contracting of the sidewalk installation along Miami Avenue from Arrow to Vest Streets. He said all bids were forwarded to the Missouri Department of Transportation for review of bidder qualifications. He said those would hopefully be returned in time for the council to deliberate on the contract at the next council meeting Monday, April 17.

A final ordinance approved allowed for the regular appropriation for payment of accounts out of the different city funds. Totals appropriations Monday included: General Fund $269,552.05, Sanitation Fund $50,106.14, Library Fund $13,993.81, Band Fund $2,621.54, Park Fund $143,884.89, Street Fund $67,985.11, Airport Operating Fund $24,737.84, Martin Community Center $955.46, Water Operating Fund $132,773.66, Electric Operating Fund $613,889.90, Sewer Revenue Fund $159,426.13, Electric Consumers Deposit Fund $5,800, Internet Operating Fund $26.463.39, and Natural Gas Operating Fund $5,361.46.

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