Slater School Board approves contribution rates, salary schedules

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Slater School Board of Education met for a special meeting to discuss health insurance, salary schedules and two bids on Thursday evening, March 30.

The board first addressed health insurance contribution rates and salary schedules after Superintendent Debbie Gonzalez spoke with the school’s insurance company on Friday, March 24. All health insurance rates will reportedly increase by 6.6 percent, except the plan with the lowest deductible, which will have an 8.5 percent increase.

According to Gonzalez, the school pays $425 per pay period as the employer contribution.

“I’m proposing that we take on another $25 to make it $450 that we can take on to allow our employees to have a little more movement in their money,” she said.

She also met with the salary committee, and reviewed and researched neighboring schools’ salary schedules to compare to the Slater district. She noticed that other schools did not freeze salary schedules for any employees, which the Slater School District does.

“We’re pushing people to ... get their master’s degree and go on with higher education, but we do have people that are not,” Gonzalez said. “And truthfully, in a sense ... they’re here too, doing the same work and we’ve froze them; we’re not really appreciating them, what I would say, to the work they’re doing by keeping them frozen like that.”

She proposed that the board approve both an addition of $500 to the base salary, bringing it up to $30,000, as well as adding five steps to the salary schedule at $350 intervals.

“I think that’s going to be really competitive with the schools around us,” Gonzalez said.

The addition of $25 to the employer health insurance contribution, $500 to the base salary, and the five steps to the salary schedule would cost the school $83,667.23. Gonzalez said that it would only drop the school’s fund balance by approximately 1 percent, and the steps would affect 10 staff members.

“We have to give those people an incentive to stay here,” Board Vice President Jayme England said in favor of the addition.

The board approved each proposal.

Also during the meeting, board members approved bids for two projects.

Howell Sealing won the first bid to seal and stripe the school’s parking lots, for a total of $8,327. Thompson Quality Construction was the only bidder for the second project of tearing up the sidewalk, installing storm drains and replacing the sidewalk near the school’s gym, for a total of $15,970. The storm drain will redirect water into the city’s drains instead of going into the gym and locker room area.

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